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Cocoon by Eva Xanthopoulos

Cocoon your grief with a piece of coral reef
To distract yourself with sounds of the sea

Stop blowing your angered winds my way

I'm not your sun and I'm not its rays
You rain, contain pain in inflated gray clouds
You expect a rainbow to pierce through you
when I can't even keep my own skies sane

Blame me all you want
It is in your self-created
spider webs in which
you are caught.

You are the moth and the spider
An arachnophobia-induced recluse.
You run run away from yourself
And run run to me as if I'm an angel
responsible for taking you out of
the jail cell you have built
to dwell in, letting all this hell in.

My arms can only hold so much
And you clutch onto me with everything
you have. Your feet sink in this muddy
land because you can't stand on your own
You tell me I'm the reason for making you
feel alone. You tell me I'm the cold soul
that has frozen your heart in place and with
a chalice you claim, I chip away at your heart

You tell everyone I'm evil, that I'm crazy, far
from civil. All these lies your quivering mouth
continues to spill have filled my ear drums
and inflated them to the size of pregnant crescent
moons. I take a strand of your cocoon and pull on it,
watch it unravel. Your grief is released and you
always put it all on me. It's as if my forehead has a
florescent tattoo speaking to you "Weight of your
world lifted by this young lady" On a side note:
"Don't bother fixing yourself, your emotional
health... it's all up to her to fix. No work is needed
on your part -- all you need to do is lean on her."
Do me a favor and mend you own heart before
you come knocking my door down asking for mine.
You claim you're fighting for me but all you do is whine
You guilt trip me into thinking you'll drink yourself to
death. You threaten that you'll expose my secrets,
All the things I've ever told you since we first met.

From day one, you hired me for a job I never even
applied for. You started a war when all I ever wanted
was peace. This love you have for me isn't a feeling,
it's a disease. This God, or Evolution or nothingness
that created me, never made me for the sole purpose
of making every person I cross paths with happy.

Cocoon your grief with a piece of coral reef

To distract yourself with sounds of the sea

I'm not your distraction, not your escape.

Find yourself, boy or dying alone will be your fate.

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