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Mid July Night by Eva Xanthopoulos

I was a mid-July night
Snowing during the cloudless evening
The fog, an illusion, my curtain
To hide the naked I feared to expose
I was hungry for the unknown I had to know about
So I asked Polaris to feed me the sky
I promised I'd stop snowing and rain infinite
amounts of blinding sunshine. I used to freeze over
the mini lakes that filled up my tear duct wells
To make mother earth fear me for
the numb within me she could
not imitate nor see. I laid on the equator during my
sleepless nights and gazed
at the stars. Africa now Antarctica,
Antarctica frozen over further
The little dipper lost himself in the big dip

A cold soul freezes more than the inner skin
cage it lines, it freezes everything it touches
so they say, so I told them to say

All my lovers, a thing of the past. They lay
in their human sized ice cube caskets asking
for a way out, an escape. I blew them a chilling
kiss laced with ill fate years ago. Their starving minds
drank the dry wind as if it would moisten their
inner droughts. Little did they know, my kisses, these
diseased wishes would only contaminate their thoughts.
Polaris fed me the sky once a upon a time. Little
did he know I was a heart eater, soul devourer,
life absorber. I fragmented a promise broken,
its shattered shards still sting like bee stingers
piercing through sleep lacking eyes, awakening them

I never rained that sunshine, only snowed blizzards
Mid July to late. Summer is mine. Cold soul
winters are man-kind-mother-earth's fate.

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