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Self Interview 2013-04

Writing Knights Press has been releasing chapbooks since April 2011. The founder/director Azriel Johnson started the press as a DIY venture to have “merch” to sell to poetry fans where he performed. He found enjoyment/headaches/frustration in the formatting/printing/assembly of chapbooks and branched out to other authors he was a fan of and inspired by in the Cleveland area and beyond.

Today, Writing Knights Press has over 50 different releases spanning Chapbooks, Anthologies, E-Books, and the new literary promulgation, FourPlays. When asked just what the hell a "FourPlay" is, Johnson said, "It is best explained in analogy. If chapbooks are CDs, fourplays are singles or demo tapes. It's a way for a new author to get their work out without asking their audience to break a $20." As for the name, "FourPlay" Johnson adds, "I wanted something enticing, but accurate. Four pieces... fourplay. I'm still working on the trademark."

Writing Knights has published authors from all over the United States and the world with their home and base of operations in North East Ohio. Twice monthly events bring a wide array of performers and audience members making Writing Knights not just a press, but a community. The academic meets the underground meets SLAM meets acoustic music in sonic inspiration leaving audience members dazzled and the hose with a literary hangover.

Writing Knights Press has no intention to stop. Their first full length book is releasing in late May 2013. The third anniversary show, the Grand Tournament, will decide their next full length author (submission deadline June 1st). With so many exciting events and releases coming up the only way you'll stay up to date is by visiting writingknights.com.